Tax Managed Index Strategies

Designed with a goal of reducing complexity while improving after-tax returns.
Tax Managed Index Investing
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Intelligent Automation

Investment Universe

Leverage 55ip’s fund selection algorithms for a simplified investment experience. Select relevant exposures from a universe of low cost ETFs.

Client Strategy

Advisors can help each client’s unique objectives and risk tolerance by creating custom portfolios using a single index or blended exposures with multiple indices, across US and international equities and bonds.

Active Tax Management

Client accounts are actively monitored to harvest losses when appropriate to potentially lower each client’s tax bill.
  • Lower cost and tax-efficient ETFs
  • Sector and region exposures
  • Personalized asset allocation
  • Customized investment objectives
  • Annual tax savings
  • Enhanced after-tax returns

Deliver your own tax managed index strategies using ETFs – powered by 55ip

Leveraging ETFs for tax managed index strategies offers a more streamlined experience for both advisors and clients. 

When seeking to gain tax alpha through tax managed index strategies, we believe there is limited need to create strategies based on hundreds of individual securities and then actively monitor and research tax loss harvesting considerations such as trading costs, wash sale rules, and tracking error. We believe there is also limited need for your clients to see so many positions and related trading and costs on their statement.



Want the fundamentals of Tax Managed Investing?

Read our overview to learn about loss thresholds and wash sales

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